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3 Killed as a Private bus rams into KSRTC

May 4, 2011

Three passengers were killed and over 50 injured when a rashly driven private bus crashed into a KSRTC Super Fast bus at Kalamassery HMT Junction, near Ernakulam. The accident happened at 7.45 am today. Eyewitnesses claim that the private bus was driven at a very high speed, and the bus tried to cross the intersection without stopping at the Red signal. The KSRTC bus tried evading the private bus, but the bus still crashed. The killed were passengers of the Private bus.

RRC161 of Thiruvalla, parked at Kalamassery after the accident.

The driver cabin of RRC161, after accident. The impact of the accident can be clearly seen.

The Private bus (KL-40-A-3038) was traveling from Aluva to Thevara, while the KSRTC bus (RRC161 of Thiruvalla depot) was traveling from Thiruvalla to Thrissur. The driver and conductor of the KSRTC bus are injured, and currently admitted at a hospital. The impact of the crash was so high, that both buses skid from their paths, and stopped after hitting other objects. The KSRTC bus crashed into an electric pole, while the Private bus crashed into a shop, and in the process also crushed an autorickshaw.

File photo of the Private bus involved in this accident (KL-40-A-3038)

The injured are admitted to various hospitals in the city. The dead are: Ravi (45) of Kalamassery, Ambujakshan (49) working at SBT and Balachandran PA (57) of Kadungallur.


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